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At the Prana Berlin Center, we offer an oasis of peace, community and healing in the midst of a vibrant city. The spacious, gracious building is surrounded by a serene garden. You will feel your tension and concern melt away within minutes of entering the premises, replaced by vitality, inner power and high energy thanks to the space inside, which soars and breathes.

We offer a gilded tapestry of wisdoms, interweaving holistic methods from different traditions and schools of thoughts to create a place that is wholly focused on activating and enhancing our subtle breath. This subtle breath has important implications on our physical vibrancy as well as emotional, mental and spiritual development.

What truly sets our center apart are our teachers, instructors and therapists. They are passionate about the subtle body and health, have a world of experience to offer and nurturing, professional, kind people. 

Our approach to helping you is wholesome in that it takes into consideration body, mind and spirit. For the spiritual seekers and people suffering from kundalini imbalances, we offer a unique kundalini crisis clinic.

We support you with the option of holistic tailor-made programs that can be designed for each individual. We all have unique needs and preferences. Why not commission your own individual program for therapy and health, letting our professional team members each help you in a way that is perfectly tailored to your needs?

Our center is best known for its yoga, meditation and movement classes, but we also present  educational events, seminars and study programs that support your journey to find positive change and live life to the fullest both theoretically and practically.

For aspiring professionals, we offer training for therapists, teachers, healers, yoga and meditation teachers, coaches and more–anyone with an inner urge to go deeper into his own

All of our therapies, workshops, activities and more are carefully curated to provide a holistic approach to physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and empowerment. We care for all aspects of your body and being. 

Our approach is based on knowledge of the chakras, herbology and subtle anatomy, which help us to live without disease and with a mastery of psychological-physical processes.

The Center helps you live a life that is complete and fully manifested. This is the true meaning of a holistic approach: healing, whole and holy.

The Prana Berlin Center offers 8 main processes in specific spaces on the premises to transform your body and mind into a supreme state of health.

We focus on physical elevation, which is a component of helping prana to thrive. Nutrition is also a key component, which is why we bring you the Secret Chakra Cafe, as well as our store offering supplements and superfoods, all curated and informed by the latest research.

You can turn to our Chiropractic Department to build endurance and stability, requisite for embracing life and its myriad challenges. We can also help you to release blockages to enable the free flow of life force, improving vitality.

The Center’s Practice Hall is dedicated to the awakening of the kundalini, which enhances the flow of life force. Here we host a wide selection of physical, meditative, energetic and emotional practices to help you activate your subtle body and, in doing so, experience a positive change at all levels of your being.

The Lecture Hall plays host to Shai Tubali’s powerful talks, seminars and lessons. By attending these programs, you will participate in a transformative process and gather powerful knowledge to better equip yourself to respond to the curveballs that life inevitably throws us all. This space also hosts special courses, conferences and educational events throughout the year.

Shai Tubali designed the Healing and Empowerment Rooms at the Center in order to make them optimal for the specific techniques practiced there. This includes his famous Expansion Method, which employs expanded states of consciousness to promote deep emotional healing, release from past traumas, the formation of new mental and behavioural patterns and self-empowerment. The Tip Method (inner power) was developed by Shai to help people the world over to reveal their dormant powers, abilities and potential. 

Come to our Training Space to acquire professional mastery over proven effective methods of emotional healing, self-understanding, self-fulfillment and self-empowerment. Here those who have been healed become healers themselves. Those we have taught become teachers and group leaders. We offer special subtle body training to professionals in different fields of therapy, as well as for individuals simply interested in the field.

The Study is located in the Training Space. Here you can dive into our rich library, with books available for reading on site or for purchase to take home. Our library contains tomes on all aspects of human knowledge, traditions and schools of thought. The common thread linking all the books is their connection to the teachings of the prana, chakras, kundalini and the healing powers of spiritual transformative methods all designed to foster the dormant powers within us all. The study also contains a computerized archive of all of Shai Tubali’s videos and audio recordings of his talks, seminars and workshops, classified by life’s various challenges.

The Space for Relaxation is actually a network of rooms where you can detox and relax, both mentally and physically, rejuvenating yourself, no matter how stressful your lifestyle. The rooms include space dedicated to bodywork treatment and manual therapy.

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We are a non-profit charitable company.   Donate and support us.  We are here to teach millennia-old esoteric techniques in a way that they can be applied by anyone to improve their lives today. We heal from deep within, invoking powers that we already possess.

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