Training for Therapists

Training for Therapists

If you are an aspiring therapist, then Prana Berlin has excellent options for you. Our training programs include courses, seminars and schools that can be attended either live or online (depending on pandemic regulations).

This training is not exclusive to professionals. Anyone interested in holistic healing, whether to help others or simply for personal development, can train with us. Acquiring the skills to be an instructor or coach is empowering to all–most of all to the individual training!

Our training methods are interdisciplinary, drawing the maximum benefit from each field and weaving the knowledge together into a powerful tapestry to skills. From psychology to physiotherapy, from coaching to healing, from mind-body therapy to natural medicine, from yoga to meditation, the more you learn about the structure, meaning and functionality of the subtle body and subtle fields of consciousness, the better. Our teaching is both theoretical and practical, enriching the “toolbox” of any therapist, deepening knowledge and opening new horizons for even experienced professionals who are interested in more holistic approaches to both work and life.

Our 2021-2022 program includes:

  • Trauma release training
  • Subtle body yoga training
  • Subtle body training for physical therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors
  • Meditation training

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