The Subtle Anatomy of the Human Being
Yoga Training

Meet the Inner Structure of Yogic Asanas. Learn How to Activate the Chakras, Pranas and Koshas through Yoga Asanas. With Esther Theruvel

Held at Prana Berlin in 2022

There are those who practice asanas and even teach them without the essential knowledge of all the components of the subtle body and the life force. But yoga is not a simple exercise, like going to a fitness center. It requires a great deal of knowledge and awareness. It has immense potential energy to transform us, to shift us into a new state, to make us feel new. But in order to harness its full potential, you need to thoroughly understand the “subtle body.”

The connection between the subtle body and the asanas is a secret knowledge, one lost to most long ago. It must be learned from experienced teachers. The good news is that, at Prana Berlin, such teachers are available to help you learn about the subtle body, the make the connections between your physical body, your subtle body and your mind. We also illustrate the two main forces of masculine and feminine in the subtle body and in the asanas (ida and pingala).

This workshop will be relevant to any yoga teacher or practitioner. Its wisdom can be applied to any yoga or meditation session and is perfect for those interested in chakras and kundalini.

Learn the order of the asanas to activate the subtle body and its relationship to the chakras, pranas and koshas.

It is critical for spiritual seekers to ground their consciousness of the physical and subtle bodies through daily practice. This deep process results in higher states of kundalini awakening. We offer intensive workshops, primarily in the practice of yoga but also introducing theory.

We invite you to discover the secret of each yogic asana from a new, profound perspective: that of the subtle body.

Hatha yoga means the unity of body and mind. It is the absolute balance of vital life force (HA) and mental energy (THA) which leads to a higher consciousness.

Hatha yoga is one of the most complete systems for a practical understanding of what it is to be human. It provides the techniques by which we can find a philosophy confirmed by our personal experience and, with its help, attain higher knowledge.

The real goal of yoga is to awaken the chakras, cleanse the nadis and finally awaken Kundalini Shakti. The techniques (activation exercises) provide a gentle way to expand perception and awaken the dormant areas of the brain. They bring prana under control. The mind and prana influence each other. When we master prana, we can use it to gain control over our mind, as well.

The purpose of awakening Kundalini and letting it rise through all the chakras is to awaken the chakras and the parts of the brain connected to them. Thus, to awaken the entire brain, all the chakras must be primed. This workshop will teach you how to do this, empowering you to take your yoga and meditation a level higher.

In the program you will learn about:

  • The seven main energy centers (chakras)
  • The three main energy channels (nadis)
  • The five primary forces (pranas)
  • The five body sheaths (koshas)
  • The three qualities of nature (gunas)
  • The three psychic nodes (granthis)
  • The three body locks (bandhas)
  • The Science of Angles
  • Lower and upper triangle

We will practice and learn:

Activation exercises for the lower triangle:


Activation exercises for the center of balance:

  • ANAHATA (heart) CHAKRA


Activation exercises for the upper triangle:

  • AJNA (forehead) CHAKRA

Our main topics and terminology include:

Surya Namaskara means “sun salutation” and consists of a series of twelve postures that recharge us like a battery. According to yogic understanding, it releases vital energy for the development of higher perception.

Vinyasa yoga flows are a dynamic flowing series of exercises that activate energy throughout the body through the interplay of movement, breath, concentration and mindfulness.

  • EARTH-FLOW Stability/ Vitality
  • WATER-FLOW Vitality / Joy of Life
  • FIRE-FLOW Willpower / Positivity
  • AIR-FLOW Love / Compassion
  • Ether-FLOW Communication / Inspiration
  • EQUAL WEIGHT FLOW Mindfulness / Concentration

ASANAS (postures) are exercises that assist in achieving higher mindfulness and contribute to a stable foundation to discover the body, breath, mind and more. If one develops control over the body through these exercises, then the mind and energy can also be controlled.

PAWANMUKTASANAS (PMA) are 34 exercises that have an outstanding effect on the body and mind. They form a firm foundation in yogic life, with the following benefits:

  • remove blockages and deposits in joints
  • strengthen the digestive system
  • release energy in the pelvic region and spine
  • increase vitality

The word KRIYA means “action.” A kriya in yoga is a sequence of postures and breaths that form a unity with each other to facilitate a specific, meditative state. The breath leads us inward into the presence of Atman, the soul. Yoga is that inner state in which the mental-spiritual processes come to rest.

PRANAYAMAS (breathing techniques) aim to stimulate and stabilize the vital energy field of the body. Blockages in the nadis often lead to disease, as tamas (inertia/ignorance) and rajas (activity/restlessness) dominate. However, when breathing slowly and deeply during pranayama, prana is forced to flow through these blocked areas. This restores the disturbed energy circuits and awakens sattwa (light/understanding).

MUDRA translates as “seal” or “gesture.” The hand gestures establish important energetic connections within the nervous and nadi systems. The stimulation leads to increased activity in the brain. Thus, the parts of the brain assigned to it are stimulated, which has a direct effect on the organism and the mind.

DHYANA (meditation) is a structured way to develop mindfulness. It systematically directs the perception from the outside world to the inside, thus enabling complete relaxation of body and mind.

About the Teacher: Esther Theruvel

Esther is a vastly experienced teacher with a profound understanding of the human body, the subtle body and the depths of the yoga philosophy, having studied and taught for over thirty years.

Her many devoted students and yoga teachers praise her for her deep look into the chakra system.

After an extremely intense experience with her master, Swami Shyam, she traveled to India at the age of 14, accompanied by her father, where she was introduced to the various teachings of yoga at the I.M.I. (International Meditation Institute) in the Himalayas for a period of six months.

As her heart was always attached to the Land of Light, at the age of 20, she studied at the I.M.I. for another five years. After this long and intensive period of study, she decided to use this knowledge and experience to teach individual and group classes. At the same time, she graduated from the Yoga University Villeret with a federal certificate as a certified yoga teacher and adult educator (1999-2003).

She teaches Hatha Yoga as it is taught in the Sivananda and Satyananda traditions. But she always allows herself to be enriched and inspired by the diversity of the yoga world and she has advanced training, as well…

Currently she is studying “Advanced Natha Yoga Training”.

Since 2016, she has been a lecturer at the Yoga Pyramide Savitar in Chur, in collaboration with the Yoga University Villeret.


Since the regulations change, we will be up to date with all necessary information for your health and safety.

We keep all regulations and hygiene at the optimal level and we offer an online training option.

This will take place at Prana Berlin and in a big hall close by.

We offer an online option for those who prefer distance learning. All lessons will be filmed, and the video links will be sent to the participants after the event.

Our special vegan organic chef will make a delicious gluten-free, sugar-free lunch for you on both days.

During resting hours, you are invited to enjoy our lounge and the wonderful spaces in our ecological haven in Berlin.

We don’t offer accommodation overnight but can recommend hotels near our center.

We provide all yoga equipment necessary for your study, but you can, of course, bring your own.

The training will take place in German with live English translation.

All written materials will appear in both languages.

Yes. The weekends are built on the principle of deepening understanding and practice.

This is why you can attend one of them, if you want to be a participant. If you want to get a certification for your participance, or to train for yoga teaching, you should attend all three training weekends.

  • Attend all 3 weekends
  • Read all books and learning materials
  • Submit a plan for a yoga lesson according to the subtle body training


19-20 March 2022
7-8 May 2022
2-3 July 2022
Time: 09:00-18:00
Venue: Prana Berlin & Online 
Includes learning printed materials 
1 weekend – 275 Euro ( online – 234 Euro) 
2 weekends- 500 Euro ( ( online – 425 Euro) 
3 weekends- 750 Euro ( online – 638 Euro) 
certificate-     800 Euro ( online – 750 Euro) 
EARLY BIRD PRICE( until 22.2.22) – 10% off price 

For more information or to book the yoga seminar send us a message.

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