Study Programs

Study Programs

Prana Berlin Center offers practical classes in yoga and meditation, but also theoretical study programs and hybrid classes that incorporate theory and practice.

Our study programs teach not just theory but effective, applicable tools that enable us to be in touch with the dormant powers of our consciousness and the subtle body. You can choose from a year-long program, weekend seminars, retreats, 21-day challenges and more.

Our lead instructor is Shai Tubali, who has achieved international renown for his teaching and technique. He believes that the awakening of these forces and powers within us enables all who choose to learn to transcend what they thought they were capable of, in life and thought. To learn more about Shai and the entire professional team, click here.

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We are a non-profit charitable company.   Donate and support us.  We are here to teach millennia-old esoteric techniques in a way that they can be applied by anyone to improve their lives today. We heal from deep within, invoking powers that we already possess.

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