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Our store features a carefully curated selection of books, CDs and objects that will augment your experience in working with us, enhancing your daily life by allowing you to take home aspects of the knowledge and experience of visiting Prana Berlin. 

Here you’ll find guided meditation CDs and books in both paperback and digital editions on subjects including the subtle body, chakras, nadis, kundalini and special meditation methods all of which support the awakening of kundalini and the enhancement of prana. Of course, we carry all of Shai Tubali’s books, including those on the Tip method, emotional healing and trauma release.

You are what you eat, and our store also carries superfoods, health products and supplements, all hand-selected by our knowledgeable staff to promote life force and prana.

Finally, you can sign up for 21-day online challenges designed around the chakras and knowledge of the subtle body.

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We are a non-profit charitable company.   Donate and support us.  We are here to teach millennia-old esoteric techniques in a way that they can be applied by anyone to improve their lives today. We heal from deep within, invoking powers that we already possess.

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