Individualized Healing Programs

Individualized Healing Programs 

At our center, you can choose from many doors that we will open for you, to step into the world of  healing and therapy. You can come for subtle body chiropractic work or a bodywork treatment or you can go through a deep emotional transformation using emotional healing methods. The choices and combinations are infinite, and the selection is up to you.

You’re welcome to take our individual classes. But should you be interested in the complete package, we also offer a special holistic option. In this case, your journey begins by meeting with the head of our center, Jan Müller, in a private one-on-one session. He will create a tailor-made therapy program just for you, perfectly adapted to your preferences and requirements. It can include physical, emotional and mental work through various methods we offer at the center. This is the most complete transformative path and you are welcome to take it.

If you are in a state of chronic pain, enduring emotional turmoil or are simply in need of a major change in life, we have a healing program for you. The key to the process is to include different levels of treatment: from supplements to meditations, from trauma release treatments to individual yoga practice. We are proud to be able to offer you a program that is multi-layered, taking care of all of your levels of being, with great instructors there by your side, to activate your dormant powers and lead you to a healthy fulfilled life. 

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