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The greatest healer in the world is the power of our expanded consciousness

 In Prana Berlin we dedicate a lot of attention and care to enabling you to experience a better, more fulfilling and happy life. Prana is the Sanskrit term for breath, and breathing is a source of profound healing capacities. Prana is the Sanskrit term for breath, and breathing is a source of profound healing capacities. Prana is also the subtle energy and the life force that harmoniously keeps all the systems in our body in a vibrant state of flow, maintaining health, vitality and happiness. We combine powerful techniques that affect the subtle body and energy, in order to improve physical and emotional health, in a gentle and effective way.

One area we take pride in, is our ability to help people feel better emotionally by healing negative emotions and memories, enhancing positivity, and empowering individuals through strengthening their true inner powers. We offer that through various methods developed by the spiritual teacher, author and philosopher, Shai Tubali. These methods work on the subtle body and energies, helping to achieve emotional and physical balance in a holistic way.

For many people, negative past experiences and traumas play a major role in their emotional and even physical well-being. These memories can influence mood, energy and vitality and prevent us from feeling our best.

Through the profound healing process of the
True Inner Power method, you can:

  • Deeply heal traumas from your childhood, such as traumas that are related to your parents and family

  • Release yourself from traumatic events in past relationships

  • Free yourself from present consequences of past abuse or bullying

  • Overcome the sadness and grief from the loss of loved ones

  • Regain your centeredness and inner strength when dealing with a past or current illness


Past traumas can make you feel a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, and make you criticize yourself constantly. They can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression, and research also shows they can create more tension-related symptoms, and even pain.

The emotional pain that is carried within you can make it harder for you to reach your full potential in your personal life, hamper your relationships, prevent you from achieving success at work and can influence and affect many other aspects of your emotional wellbeing and life as a whole.

But this does not need to be your fate- through the help of the True Inner Power method, you can heal your past traumas and change your life for the better!

This is what clients who went through the healing process share:

Working with the TIP methods has given me deep access to my body. When I make a decision, it is now based on my physical, emotional and energetic system and not only on the cognitive level. I enjoy a better and deeper understanding of where my limits are and how much resources I have available. I am clearer, more authentic in my words and in my actions and experience less anger in my emotional system due to the expansions. By realizing that everyone has their own will, I no longer have the expectation that other people should choose the same path as me. I no longer need confirmation that my view is true (especially from my parents). I feel secure in my personal view and can let the other person's stand. Moreover, working with the TIP methods accelerated and accentuated my transformation process. I gained a lot of resources and was able to continue my path of self-knowledge as well as therapy more deeply. It has led me into a grounded spirituality that connects matter and spirit

Jennifer Wabel

Trauma healing work is maybe the deepest healing process I know. After every single session I felt not only free from the trauma but also a deeper connection to life and I felt more able to flow with life as it happens. It is a beautiful work.

Barbara Müller - Psychotherapeutin FSP
Over the last ten years, I have tried many forms and techniques of trauma work and therapy to ultimately heal my early-childhood traumas and recurring past-life imprints. Probably with moderate success. However, working with the expansion technique allowed more sustained progress of healing in all of my systems within just two months than I have ever experienced otherwise before. For me, the expansion technique is one of the greatest and simplest tools of dealing with trauma, unpleasant and limiting feelings and emotions, sensations of meaninglessness and many others. I feel a deep, deep humbleness towards this technique and the power of the Expansion as it enables each of us humans to free ourselves from whatever is limiting us and directs us to become the best and strongest version of our innermost being on all levels – physically, mentally and spiritually. I would highly recommend this work to everybody wanting to break through old patterns and belief structures to pursue him/her authentic best self, to take charge of the unlimited capabilities of one’s being and to contact his/her ultimate divine essence.”

Dr. Hanna K.
The transformation of my life story was the biggest challenge for me. I cried many tears and came in contact with old pain that was still alive in me and unseen for years. With the tools and methods, I saw that an expanded consciousness can cope with anything. The changes I notice since then inside my being are exquisite and subtle, but also deep and long-lasting. With the help of all the practice over the last few months, I feel more upright and substantive, more clearly connected to my inner strength. I am convinced that the trauma expansions have made a big difference here, too. I am looking forward to establishing more and more self-empowerment and growing into my real and free being. In the last few months I have noticed that my inner being is realigning itself and that it is far more easier for me to set boundaries than it used to be. I react with less angry helplessness, but more confidently and calmly. I am also able to communicate my boundaries and limits in a more friendly and less emotional way. Feelings of guilt that were often combined to it become less. Frustration and anger no longer pull me under so quickly, I stay more connected to my grounded centre. I am much more connected with my inner being and sense my inner power more clearly as in old days. I feel less disturbed by others than before and let them mostly be who they are. I no longer take offense at every mishap in life. In my perception life changed from something which frightens me into a broad and exciting field of expression and an opportunity to make experiences. My daily expansions help me a lot with this. Thank you so much for this process.

Natalie Lenz

How does the process work?

The TIP-method combines powerful techniques that help reconnect to a sense of inner-strength, self-authority, and empowerment. Developed by spiritual teacher and philosopher Shai Tubali, they form a system that helps you connect to expanded states of consciousness, and heal from within them past traumas, while empowering the core of your being. In this sense, the healing process not only helps you release past and childhood traumas, but also awakens in you an immense sense of Inner power, strength and indestructability.

Through 1-on-1 sessions with your personal TIP-method instructor, you will be able to go through a profound, life changing healing process, that is immersed in the qualities of your expanded consciousness.

Sessions take place in our eco-friendly, holistic-health center- Prana Berlin.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in person.


What is the TIP (True Inner Power) -method?

The TIP-method is a holistic transformative method, that comprises various coaching, positive psychology and spiritual techniques, developed by the author, philosopher and spiritual teacher, Shai Tubali. The core idea behind the method is that by connecting to your true source of power from within, the majority of your life’s conflicts and challenges can be resolved. The True Inner Power method is meant to bring you, the client, back to your innermost self – your indestructible centre of being – which is a powerhouse of self-confidence, clarity, well-being and self-authority.

A TIP healing treatment is a short-term process that consists of an intense intervention period that achieves remarkable, far-reaching results. This can then be followed by continuous work on other areas in life after the original goal has been achieved. Thousands of clients have experienced sessions in the method, with profound, life-changing results.


More questions you might have asked yourself

Not at all. No special previous knowledge or experience is needed. Our trained instructors will help you go safely through a deep healing and liberating process, guiding you gently and attentively. The process will be personally adjusted to your needs, and will help you progress gradually step by step.

The process is quite different from psychotherapy, even though the goal might be the same. We apply gentle, yet profound, techniques, that help you not only release negative memories and emotions, but also connect you to positive and expanded qualities of your true self. The connection to your true inner power is in itself a major leap in the therapeutic process, connecting you to an immense source of healing- your true self.

This can vary from person to person, depending on their individual needs, and on the subject that needs to be healed and released. In our experience, many clients really love coming back to more sessions, since through the techniques a deeper connection to positivity and flourishing in their life takes place. In this the method goes even beyond a regular treatment, enabling people to meet and live their true potential.

Normally the insurance will not cover your costs, so you will need to take care of them yourself.

The various methods that will assist you in your process work different than other methods and systems, in that they affect change from within you. By working directly on the subtle layers of your consciousness and energetic body, you will be able to see quick and profound changes in your emotional balance and well-being. Through the Expansion Method, for instance, you will be able to work on emotional issues directly from deeper, expanded layers of your consciousness, which allow for a deep and transformative change to take place. Combining the different methods creates a synergistic effect, that will empower you in many areas of your life simultaneously.

The sessions take place in our ecological health center Prana Berlin in Altensteinstr. 48a, Zehlendorf. The airy rooms create an asthenosphere of openness and healing, and the design that is based on organic materials completes a feeling of health and balance. Before or after your session you can enjoy the garden, terrace and the organic bio-café (reopening winter 2021). Sessions are offered in German and English, and take about 2 hours each.

Yes, it is completely available also to teenagers. We have seen over the years remarkable healing processes in teenagers. For many teenagers the methods are a perfect fit, and they seem to flourish through the discovery of their true inner powers.

Unfortunately, we do not treat mental illnesses. As these are medical diagnoses, we cannot offer treatment to people who suffer from medical mental conditions such as clinical depression, schizophrenia and more. In these cases, we recommend to consult with your physician.

The Founder of the True Inner Power Method

Shai Tubali

Spiritual teacher, author, and philosopher, Shai is a prolific and renowned author with 23 published books to date. His bestselling books have been translated into five languages and have won awards in Israel and the United States. In his teaching, Shai combines Yogic knowledge and Eastern practices with the latest in Western science, psychology, and philosophy to create innovative transformative processes. Indeed, almost 20 years of in-depth study of Eastern thought and Yogic tradition have brought this trained Yogi up to a master level in utilizing the tools of spirituality to offer structure, deep insights, and methods for personal growth in all areas of life. Based on his own direct and ongoing revelation of cosmic consciousness since the age of 23, he is a pioneering figure in the field of self-transformation who has helped thousands of people to transform their lives in his many years of teaching around the world.

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