Ecological Vision

Every detail of Prana Berlin has been carefully selected and considered, even aspects that you might not notice at first. We have gone to great lengths to create a space that is healing and peaceful and ecologically-sound, even down to its very materials. The design is based on three key principles.

  • Avoid toxins that can damage the human body and mind.
  • Avoid procedures that are harmful to animals, plants and the environment.
  • Avoid materials and processes that are not sustainable and ecologically-sensitive.

As a result, all materials and products in the Human Greatness Center are vegan, organic or natural, free of chemical treatment, made from sustainable materials, powered ecologically, free of Wi-Fi radiation and 90% plastic-free.

  • Our furniture is made of only natural materials: wood, cardboard, glass, cork and bamboo.
  • All paint is organic. All varnish is eco-friendly. 
  • The wood we use for furniture was discarded (often simply collected when it was abandoned on the side of the road).
  • Our pillows and cushions contain only organic cotton, free of fire retardants.
  • Our carpets are made of natural materials: cotton, bamboo and sisal (a cactus-based textile).
  • Our cafe uses only organic food, drink and produce from fairtrade and local farms, prepared in chemical and BFA-free cookware.
  • The soap and cleaning materials we use are vegan and organic.
  • The trash bags and toilet paper are also eco and recyclable.
  • Even our water is derived from a reverse osmosis system–though the system does consume water, we believe that this is a necessary step to make the water we do use free of toxins.

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