Trauma Healing Conference


Our next scheduled conference will be held in October of 2022, and its subject will be the healing of trauma and negative memories through the power of our consciousness. 

Traumatic memories have powerful ramifications on our self-identity. They can damage not only us but also our loved ones. When our relationships, daily functions and behavior are inhibited by our physical and emotional state, we are not the only ones to suffer.

Memory is such a powerful thing, with the potential for immense positivity and devastating harm. Negative memories, usually brought about by a specific trauma, remain with us, often buried deep within our psyches. They may stem from feelings of exclusion or rejection (from society or family), an early childhood experience, or a more general feeling that we are unable to express who we truly are. They disintegrate our self-confidence.

But there is hope.

If negative memories go untreated they can leave raw wounds within us and impede our ability to live to the fullest. But wounds can be healed. 

This conference focuses on a network of mutually-beneficial ways to heal such negative memories and soothe traumas. A new calm, ease and balance awaits–a feeling of release, sometimes for the first time in one’s life.

It’s all about perception and applying a network of tools to work in symbiosis. We help turn trauma into a powerful force of positive change.

Studies have found that more than half of all trauma survivors report positive change–far more than those who report that they suffer from the better-known PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). This means that, with the right approach, you are more likely to emerge from trauma feeling positive than you are to suffering enduring negative side-effects. With the right level of consciousness, we can discover that, instead of leaving a trail of limiting imprints and avoidance of life experiences, we can release trauma, through a deep understanding and heightening our awareness, thereby building a new inner power and wisdom.

At our center, we are proud to offer workshops in deep trauma healing, using the Expansion Method developed by Shai Tubali. At this conference, we will raise public awareness of the new and effective treatments and methods which are based on a positive approach, spiritual perspective and expanding one’s consciousness.

The conference will combine lectures and practice sessions, all carefully designed so that attending will be a transformative process.

The conference will be held in person in Berlin but will also be available live online. The primary languages will be English and German, with translations available for both.

Themes covered will include:

  • trauma as a positive and empowering force
  • trauma and spirituality
  • innovative, modern methods and approaches to trauma healing

If you are interested in participating, either as an expert or a participant, feel free to contact us here.

Detailed information about our Trauma Healing Conference will be available from 1 Decemberr 2021.

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